Thursday, 16 June 2011


just a quick note to let you know it's going to be a little quiet around here for a few weeks as i'm off to Iceland in a matter of minutes! Wish me luck in getting some good drawings done, i plan on living out of one sketchbook for the whole trip. I shall leave you with this beautiful photograph belonging to Ghostpatrol, who's work always reminds me of mountainous reaches.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011!

my website is finally off the ground! go have a peek! It's still in the beginning stages but it's up!

The Show

So this is my little patch at the degree show. I think it went well, despite having to chop up my Dead Alphabet and put it in the portfolio. My business cards went quickly which can only mean good things!

The show in itself was a real success. On on one of the private views we saw Meera Syal milling around! Very exciting!

all my little artist's books

Thank you to all the friends and family that came! I'm sorry I couldn't be there to meet all of you but I hope you liked my work.

Friday, 3 June 2011

The Woodland People

So my degree show started up last night and i'm starting to realise that without masses of degree work I have odd pockets of time to work on a few other pieces I've been neglecting over the past few months. I'm looking forward to getting a free day somewhere to work on my website too, i'll be sure to post a link once that's up and running (hopefully very soon!). In the mean time this little piece is something i've been coming back to for about three months and it's FINALLY done! I actually have a couple of versions of this printed on some good paper so over summer i plan on getting  a little print shop going.

the woodland people

Pictures of the degree show should also be posted soon!