Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mother Knows Best

So Mother's Day is really soon. Like really soon. Are you ready? Are you sure? Make sure you're ready with a hilarious card featuring the absolutely fantabulous Endora.
You don't know who Endora is? OK THIS is Endora.

Endora is the overbearing mother character from the 1960s sitcom Bewitched.(which I watched ALOT when I was younger, what a weird thing to put on channel four on a Saturday morning)

Bewitched is about Samantha, a good witch who marries a mortal (played by Dick York who is a cutie) and her mother Endora is none too happy about that! She's like the original Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond, or like Kitty's evil sister from That 70s Show (yeah I watched a lot of Paramount when I was younger).

 Anyways if you remember her you know how much fun she was, reeking magical havoc on her daughter's happy marriage. But she did it because SHE LOVED HER DAUGHTER! An that's why we celebrate mother's on Mother's Day.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Shop Parade

This is the piece I've been most pleased with over the years in which I've picked up collage. I was going through my old sketchbooks last night and realised the mood I used to want to convey in my illustrations was kind of antagonistic! But it was there! And when I put this together it felt vintage, an like London an like it couldn't be anywhere else. Like I'd managed to grab onto some sort of reaction beyond "that looks nice." Anyway in honour of that I dug out some prints of this shop parade and put them up in my brand new etsy. 

I only have two so if you like what you see you better be quick

Monday, 25 February 2013


So if you don't follow me on facebook or twitter or tumblr (seriously go over an give me a follow, look how many options you have..)you will not have seen that I've been working on another colourful piece that will be making up a new mother's day design. It should also stand a lone nicely so that works too! Anyways here's some work in progress shots I thought you lovely people might like.

Leave me a comment if you don't follow me on twitter (as i spilled the beans already over there) if you can guess who it is? Also what are you planning for your mum on Mother's Day?

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


This is my entry for the prestigious and wonderful cause that is Secret7s. The people at Secret7s and talenthouse give you seven tracks to choose from and artists and illustrators and photographers all can submit a piece to be in with a chance to have their design printed onto the cover of the record sleeve and exhibited in London. There's several designs shown for each artist and when the exhibition is over they are sold with all proceeds going to the charity ART AGAINST KNIVES. 

This is a competition I've always really admired and is always so successful and it goes to such an amazing cause! So please help me a part of it and vote for my submission? You can click the image too and it will take you to the page where you can vote. Voting opens today but I think I'm a little early so in the mean time please click the blue facebook tab on the right hand side of the screen. 
You have until the 26th!

Monday, 18 February 2013

My New Etsy

                After many MANY years of buying from etsy I finally took the plunge and got my own! Click the pufferfish to go and see! I have only a few things up at the minute so I thought I'd share them here with you while I get to work on getting some new prints and making a few things for you. I want to sell some original collage pieces for mother's day, keep your eyes peeled!

(click on each picture to be taken to the listing and get a better look)

I have prints for sale of my Edgeware Road Ladies and The Waistcoat Maker

This design is actually available on cute little cards, I did take pictures of the cards themselves but I wasn't happy with them so I'll be putting some more up tomorrow. 

Little cards featuring the Hummingbird from my London's Dead Alphabet project.

And lastly a very very limited (as in I have specialty paper that I'm sure how to print on..) little set of mini prints of tiny things found in the Natural History Museum.

Please pop over there and have a look, I still have a society6 but I know a lot of people prefer etsy as it's a lot more personal and also it allows me to offer things like this little pack of mini prints.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ugly Bug...Haul?

Had me some fun in London the other day! Not only did I go to a beautiful pub that reminded of Portland (oh how I miss Portland), but I also needed to do a major refill of a lot of art supplies. I feel like I constantly need sketchbooks (this is perhaps not true and I have an addiction. I hear a lot of illustrators suffer from this...) Of course I do this a few days before I find out Cass Art was having some sort of sale event..such is life.
I still need a long metal ruler but with travel plans as they are I might need to just get small one.

The one I use is bizarre, it belonged to my stepdad and has strange dents in it....Anyway, here's a little secret if you use a lot of thin sugar type paper for collage work like I do. You can go to a proper art shop and pay upwards of 20 quid for a pack or buy it all separately  which I do for certain colours, or you can buy a pack of it from Muji (you need to imagine a little heavenly choir singing when the word Muji is mentioned) for not very much money at all! I fell out recently with my closest art store due to the ridiculous price of a pack of thin coloured papers so I thought I'd share my little bit of knowledge! 

You may have noticed this little guy nestled among my supplies. He/She was my Valentine's day present from my boyfriend. You can say that's weird and not romantic but this little lovebug fits in perfectly with the rest of my funny little collection and even better, is travel sized ; ). 

Friday, 15 February 2013

The Urban Spaceman

I've wanted to take part in the Secret 7s competition for the longest time! You pick a musician from their selection and create a cover for a 7" vinyl for one of their tracks. Every entry I've seen over the years I've always liked and thought was unique and interesting and now I managed to remember it early enough to take part. Tomorrow it will all be scanned in and thrown at photoshop (and fingers crossed be finished as there's only four days left) but as usual, I love how my collages look before they've been finished up so I wanted to show you..I must must must find a way to use them in their simple form..Anyways I hope you like them, and you can probably figure out who I chose from the last picture without even checking the listed musicians.  

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day

Obi Wan For Me
Happy Valentine's Day lovely followers. You're all amazing and deserve a little bit of love and I appreciate you being here so please enjoy these carefully collaged lightsabers and have a good day whatever you're up to.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Late Festivity

Sorry for how quiet it's been over here. While I can tweet from bed anything more than 140 characters is a struggle with the flu. I'm feeling a whole lot better since the snow lifted though and I've been working on a submission for Ballad Of's Summer of 63 theme and currently I'm working hard on my entry for Secret 7" (eep!). Anyway I thought I should at least get something up for you and these have been lounging around on my hard drive for a while. For a closer look check out my flickr : )
There's also a couple of new things up on my Society 6, y'know if you're in need of a Valentine's day gift xx