Mother Knows Best

So Mother's Day is really soon. Like really soon. Are you ready? Are you sure? Make sure you're ready with a hilarious card featuring the absolutely fantabulous Endora.
You don't know who Endora is? OK THIS is Endora.

Endora is the overbearing mother character from the 1960s sitcom Bewitched.(which I watched ALOT when I was younger, what a weird thing to put on channel four on a Saturday morning)

Bewitched is about Samantha, a good witch who marries a mortal (played by Dick York who is a cutie) and her mother Endora is none too happy about that! She's like the original Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond, or like Kitty's evil sister from That 70s Show (yeah I watched a lot of Paramount when I was younger).

 Anyways if you remember her you know how much fun she was, reeking magical havoc on her daughter's happy marriage. But she did it because SHE LOVED HER DAUGHTER! An that's why we celebrate mother's on Mother's Day.


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