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Artist Feature - Lize Meddings

Good afternoon brilliant readers. So I know I say this every time I put together one of these posts but I truly truly struggled to pick which illustrations from this fantastic lady to share with you. Today is dreary yet again, I despise February. So I want to present you with the cosy and ever relatable work of Lize Meddings. As previously mentioned it's dreary as all hell, so every morning in an effort to avoid the inevitable slog that is removing myself from my bed I trawl through Instagram stories and Lize's is one I check every morning. The real reason behind why Lize is my go to morning pick up isn't just because her work is so lovely, but because her unbelievable drive and motivation to just keep painting is enough to make me want to actually get up. You may have heard of the Sad Ghost Club. An illustrated initiative using Sad Ghosts to portray the struggles with anxiety that many of us face in our daily lives and to embrace t

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