Artist Feature: Corrie Beth Hogg

A job we just never get round to is framing prints. As an illustration obsessive I tend to hoard them and then realise I need to go out and actually buy frames. The problem I have is it's just such a faff! They never quite fit my print properly and the ones I want are always unfeasibly expensive. It's a really brilliant way to get out of actually doing anything with my collection other than getting them out to admire like some massive scrap book.

So after finally getting on the bus to Ikea (in the rain no bloody less) I remembered a picture I had squirreled away for when we were buying our flat and looking for decorating ideas, of a brilliant paper vine snaking between a cluster of prints in bright simplistic frames. I knew then that picture was what I wanted to create, but I'd need to actually put some stuff on the walls first.And as I sit here next to a pile of frames and err..15 prints....what better way to procrastinate then share the brilliant work of Corrie Beth Hogg with you!

Corrie Beth is an Art and Craft Director who has worked with everyone from Martha Stewart Living to The New York Times to Elle Decor and it's not hard to see why! Her work is brilliantly warm and homey whilst being extremely fashionable. Seriously, name me a coffee shop in East London that doesn't currently have a spotty begonia shining away in a corner, or a massively out of control monstera taking up basically an entire table? 

Corrie Beth has also had the forethought to bring you along on her journey through crafting the more fashionable plants of the world right now by creating a blog with easy to follow DIY projects for each of her creations! You too can have a homey mini jungle! But without worrying about keeping it alive, and as someone with about 12 houseplants (including a very sad aloe vera plant..) I would like less things to worry about keeping alive.  So really I should be thanking her for not having to tend to a big snakey hanging philodendron when I can just make one..but I should probably put these prints up first..

You can see all of Corrie Beth's diys here but her instagram is the place for all her brilliant experiments 


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