Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Just thought I'd offload a few pictures I've had floating around.

A few weeks back I recieved a few zines and a lovely little card from the fantabulous mel stringer, I've lost count of how many of her little zines and bits and pieces I own now.

A life drawing I was rather pleased with done today. Nice to have a more interesting model every once in a while!These are taken on my grainy blackberry, sorry about that.
There's a little sketchbook display up in the library at the min, it's nice to see a couple of my travel diaries getting a little attention. Hannah, a friend of mine also studying illustration has one of hers in the cases too.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Enid and Becky

I recently gained a few followers! It means a lot so thank you! I shall try to update more. Well for our little uni zine Meow, the theme this month is idols. I was working on something but I really didn't like it so I started over.  I wouldn't normally work in black and white but the zine calls for that. The artist Daniel Clowes is my biggest inspiration. His more realistic comics I find incredibly relatable but in a way that you don't come across too often. It may be the popular one but Ghost World remains a firm favourite (hence my icon). These are his characters Enid and Becky, Clowes is more of an idol to me, but the girls are a little more interesting looking.

my ghost world girls

Friday, 18 February 2011


Ok so I LOVE the blog what i wore today an the adjoining flickr group. I used to do a lot of blogging involving outfit posts and I'm almost definately going to start doing it again in the near future (not over here though, probably over on tumblr) but when I noticed the incredibly talented illustrator gemma correll (click that link, seriously her website front page is sooo good)  was painting her outfit posts and had set up a blog for us to get involved I knew I wanted in. An the other day she picked my most recent outfit picture, hooray!

what i wore 12.2.11
If you aren't following me over on flickr already, click the picture an you can go do that!

I wish I could promise you that I will have more serious things to post but I'm currently working on the Macmillan project an I'm pretty sure I read somewhere we're not meant to post any of it online. SO you'll probably have my odd street fashion doodles/paintings that I like to do to wind down. Also over the weekend I plan on setting up a twitter and possibly a website, time permitting. So when I do get that up and running remember to follow me over there too.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

What will you be upto tomorrow?
 I have a looong day at uni and then will probably be working hard on the Macmillan project. How romantic!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I was featured over on DEER BRAINSrecently. My little ladies are getting some nice attention! The lovely illustration under mine there is by emma block who is actually in my class and let me know that I had been featured which is nice of her!

Also back in December my Burberry girls were selected in Imaginative Bloom's flickr picks. Good ol' flickr. I've been painting/collaging street fashion photos in my spare time, the plan is to do a few more and put them all together like a crowd, maybe make a zine out of them. No idea when i'll have time but it's nice to have some ideas milling around. For now though I am starting work on the Macmillan project, again!