Saturday, 23 January 2016

Peter Chan

Coming to you in the evening this Saturday rather than the usual mid morning/lunch time slot. I spent my morning exploring my local market and getting pissed off at my local Oriental Supermarket. It let's me down, every. single. time. Why do i keep thinking it's going to get better? 

Anyway someone that isn't a letdown every time but is full of surprises is the mysterious Peter Chan, otherwise known as PixelP. All the internet can tell me of Peter is that he is originally from Taiwan but lives in LA. I can also tell you that he used to work for Dreamworks but now works for Sony. 

Unfortunately he hasn't shared what he's worked on so please if your knowledge of what Sony puts out there is good come forward and share that with us. I'd love to see more of his work. Peter's strange bubble filled characters are what really struck a chord with me. 

They're so full of movement and reek of unexpected action sequences so I'd love to find out that some of his work has made it into a game somewhere. 

They have a real Tekkon Kinkreet vibe which makes the onlooker want to try and put these guys in an environment that matches their incredible colours and bizarre gooey clothing. You can see more of what Peter gets up to on his tumblr.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Lizzy Stewart

I'm not too shy to tell you guys I'm kinda going through it at the minute. I have a lot to think about that doesn't make me all too happy, and one artist's work that has always helped me during these nasty little periods of time is Lizzy Stewart. 

I've followed Lizzy Stewart's work for a long time, I even met her at Pick Me Up one year. 

I was suitably awkward whilst fangirling over her zine about her travels in Iceland. 

Her work has a wonderfully quiet quality that lends itself to showing those introspective moments in everyday life that somehow, when you glimpse at them from the outside, they stand out. 

It means that the stories she's illustrating become relatable and despite their simplicity have real emotional depth. 

She has a (unfortunately no longer updated) blog called Solo that illustrates those quiet little memorable moments in her life that always makes me feel less alone, I really recommend a flip through it. 

She still updates her blog regularly and you should check out her website as she is really only going from strength to strength.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Abbey Lossing

Happy Tuesday guys. Something warm and nice as promised! Today Abbey Lossing. So firstly, finally an artist not from Toronto or Melbourne! I'm branching out! Abbey is from New York city and actually works for Buzzfeed (which is how she came to my attention). 

Her work has all the hallmarks of the fashionable kinds of illustration I'm really into at the minute; pastel colours, an emphasis on clothing and soft outlines. However now an again there's a little bit more punch to her work and that seems to set her apart a little more. 

It helps her take her work out of just a pretty print context and into a more editorial realm. No doubt that's why such a big company like Buzzfeed snapped her up. I hope Abbey's pretty pallet and happy little people make you feel as warm and fuzzy as me, lord knows with the weather here in the UK right now, we need it!

 Have a nose around her work on her website but she has a well updated tumblr too.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kevin Laughlin

Most of the artists I share with you guys I find on tumblr or they're on my radar from attending zine fairs or shows (like Safari or Pick Me Up) but Kevin Laughlin I know through err less cool means. Kevin Laughlin does a lot of Google Doodles. 
Y'know those illustrations of the Google logo that changes on their home page all the time. However after quite simply liking the way he had drawn some butterflies around the logo one day I decided to dig a little deeper and surprisingly discovered that a lot of Kevin's work has that odd quality I love so much.

I like that you're not quite sure what's going on. Some of his work you can sort of guess at the reference point behind it. 

For example mythical creatures, old tall tales or his travels.

But sometimes it leaves you guessing, leaving you with that creeped out kind of feeling. I love that an illustration can give you that kind of reaction.

You can keep exploring Kevin's interesting pieces on his website and on his tumblr.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Marc Martin

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you're all having as relaxed a weekend as I am! If not maybe Marc Martin's worlds will help you escape. 

Since my realisation that not all children's book illustration rubs me the wrong way (thanks to Chuck Groenink for that, read that post here) I decided to make more of an effort to actually look into what is out there right now and I bumped into the work of Marc Martin. 

Ok yes ANOTHER Melbourne based artist...sorry. I have plans in the works that will steer my taste back home but for now Marc Martin is peaking my interest.

 I love plants and nature depicted in illustration and while his illustration is definitely appealing to children I love that it's still complex and curious, and asks you to really take in all the details.

 Plants in illustration are a bit of a trend right now, and it's nice to see it done in a slightly different way to what is seemingly fashionable. 

Get lost in Marc's illustrations on his website and further reading on his upcoming projects on his tumblr. Have a good Saturday!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Kevin Wada

(Cross posting from the facebook page as promised)

I couldn't do it today guys. I couldn't pick out of the illustrators I had saved up for you. Sooo I fell back on an old favourite; Kevin Wada. If you don't know who Kevin Wada is get ready to fall in love.

Kevin first came to my attention because of all the big superhero franchises X-men is my favourite and Kevin is well known in certain circles for his portraits of the X-men in high fashion clothing. That just brings two of my very favourite things together and even better, he does it so so so well.

 He's also credited for bringing (rescuing) She-Hulk to the mainstream in a form that while still sexy, is strong, powerful and a believable character. Bringing comic books into the fashion realm is not something I see often, let alone done well and this is surely why Kevin has such a huge following now.

You gotta keep up with him, because he's the best over on tumblr and on his website, and who knows maybe he's already given your favourite comic book character (like Wonderwoman here) an unexpected but beautifully thought out update

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Yohan Sacre

In the interests of keeping my New Years Resolution (one of them anyway) I give you the first of the artists of 2016 I would like to share with you. Today I am stuck in bed with a heavy head eating my way through as many orange and vitamin C enriched things as possible. So to cheer up this grim day I wanted to share with you an artist I've been holding onto for a couple of months. 

Yohan Sacre is a Belgian artist who takes his cues from a fantastic mismatch of "childhood experiences with animal instincts, feminine sensuality with death, the dreamlike alongside monsters and the nightmarish."

 This creates that wonderful creepy vibe that children seem to love (and sometimes don't seem to notice!) and that creates a whole other level to his illustrations. You end up creating the stories for his characters in your head before you've even bothered to look at the title of the piece, let alone find out if they have a role in a book. 

Keep up with Johan's creations on his website and his tumblr .

Monday, 4 January 2016

Monday Morning Window Shopping

Good morning! For lots of you this isn't really a good morning because for those of you lucky enough to not work over the Christmas period today means you gotta go back to work. I am one of those people (granted this is my first year being one of these people), and nothing makes me feel better (and my wallet less so) than window shopping. Also here's hoping you've got some lovely relative who didn't know what to get you so gave you some dollar, and here's what I think you should spend it on! (And hopefully you will agree... )

Pool Skate by (the mighty) Hellen Jo

Palm Prints by Chris Turnham 

Lou Rota's Nature Table plates (I'm lucky enough to own some of this collection already, they're microwave and dishwasher safe!) from Anthropologie (aka heaven)