Abbey Lossing

Happy Tuesday guys. Something warm and nice as promised! Today Abbey Lossing. So firstly, finally an artist not from Toronto or Melbourne! I'm branching out! Abbey is from New York city and actually works for Buzzfeed (which is how she came to my attention). 

Her work has all the hallmarks of the fashionable kinds of illustration I'm really into at the minute; pastel colours, an emphasis on clothing and soft outlines. However now an again there's a little bit more punch to her work and that seems to set her apart a little more. 

It helps her take her work out of just a pretty print context and into a more editorial realm. No doubt that's why such a big company like Buzzfeed snapped her up. I hope Abbey's pretty pallet and happy little people make you feel as warm and fuzzy as me, lord knows with the weather here in the UK right now, we need it!

 Have a nose around her work on her website but she has a well updated tumblr too.


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