Thursday, 19 May 2011


So it's nearly over! All work for my final year is finally complete. I'm actually really pleased with my final major project so I thought i'd share a few of my favourite pages with you. As always click the picture and it'll take you to my flickr where you can see a little more of the project.
full shop paradeshop parade
(a closeup of the one above, probably my favourite in the book. I hope to get a few of these printed out larger and sell them as prints)
four and twenty

Turn On Antique Lighting

African Waistcoat Company

China Shop

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Quick Break

Well things are pretty hectic at the minute! But everything is sort of coming together (I've probably jinxed that now). Everything from this year has to be done and dusted an ready to be assessed by Monday. Scary stuff but my final major has finally come together an now I'm hurriedly making changes to a few resubmissions to be printed tomorrow. I desperately need a little break from staring at my work all day so I thought I'd post a few little pieces of inspiration I've come accross recently. (there's a bit of a pattern thing going on here, I hope I can explore drawing my own patterns over the summer)

Hollis Brown Thornton via hollisbrownthornton

(my illustration penpal's inspiration tumblr)
Audrey Cantwell via if i had the money

                                           Jerry N. Uelsmann via jordanpordan

Sara Orme via blooming leopold

(from an amazing film I watched recently called Tekkon Kinkreet , get rid of your preconceptions about anime, this was something different) via iojoijjoijjojoihoijoiojoihoijoihoijoioijojjjj

katie scott via Pikaland

Jake Stangel via Miss Moss

Erin Rei via into_the_trees

Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Waistcoat Maker

Ahh sorry neglected blog! Between travelling,resubmissions and my final major project I haven't had a lot of time for proper blogs. I managed to snap a few pictures today of one of the pages I've been working on.
The Waistcoat Maker

I really liked how this one looked before i inked it up. Might be nice to try doing a few without ink over the top in the future.
The Waistcoat Maker-in progress