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This page seems rather apt for my current situation at the minute so I thought I'd share it with you. Usually I only occasionally wear my glasses. Normally when I'm battling it out with photoshop! But recently I've been having more an more trouble focusing, I had what I thought was a rather minor astigmatism but my glasses have become more an more of a necessity recently. My friends in uni used to tease me for always drawing people with glasses,I guess I just find them an easy starting point, but I do think someone's glasses choice can say just as much about them as any other clothing item. Now I seem to be focusing on glasses wearers more and more, much in the way I eye up other peoples' footwear haha.  I'm not particularly fond of my frames, I'd like some that are large and obnoxious and hipstery to be honest, alas my pay packet won't quite reach, guess I'll just keep looking longingly at other peoples' instead.


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