Peter Chan

Coming to you in the evening this Saturday rather than the usual mid morning/lunch time slot. I spent my morning exploring my local market and getting pissed off at my local Oriental Supermarket. It let's me down, every. single. time. Why do i keep thinking it's going to get better? 

Anyway someone that isn't a letdown every time but is full of surprises is the mysterious Peter Chan, otherwise known as PixelP. All the internet can tell me of Peter is that he is originally from Taiwan but lives in LA. I can also tell you that he used to work for Dreamworks but now works for Sony. 

Unfortunately he hasn't shared what he's worked on so please if your knowledge of what Sony puts out there is good come forward and share that with us. I'd love to see more of his work. Peter's strange bubble filled characters are what really struck a chord with me. 

They're so full of movement and reek of unexpected action sequences so I'd love to find out that some of his work has made it into a game somewhere. 

They have a real Tekkon Kinkreet vibe which makes the onlooker want to try and put these guys in an environment that matches their incredible colours and bizarre gooey clothing. You can see more of what Peter gets up to on his tumblr.


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