Kevin Laughlin

Most of the artists I share with you guys I find on tumblr or they're on my radar from attending zine fairs or shows (like Safari or Pick Me Up) but Kevin Laughlin I know through err less cool means. Kevin Laughlin does a lot of Google Doodles. 
Y'know those illustrations of the Google logo that changes on their home page all the time. However after quite simply liking the way he had drawn some butterflies around the logo one day I decided to dig a little deeper and surprisingly discovered that a lot of Kevin's work has that odd quality I love so much.

I like that you're not quite sure what's going on. Some of his work you can sort of guess at the reference point behind it. 

For example mythical creatures, old tall tales or his travels.

But sometimes it leaves you guessing, leaving you with that creeped out kind of feeling. I love that an illustration can give you that kind of reaction.

You can keep exploring Kevin's interesting pieces on his website and on his tumblr.


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