Marc Martin

Happy Weekend everyone! I hope you're all having as relaxed a weekend as I am! If not maybe Marc Martin's worlds will help you escape. 

Since my realisation that not all children's book illustration rubs me the wrong way (thanks to Chuck Groenink for that, read that post here) I decided to make more of an effort to actually look into what is out there right now and I bumped into the work of Marc Martin. 

Ok yes ANOTHER Melbourne based artist...sorry. I have plans in the works that will steer my taste back home but for now Marc Martin is peaking my interest.

 I love plants and nature depicted in illustration and while his illustration is definitely appealing to children I love that it's still complex and curious, and asks you to really take in all the details.

 Plants in illustration are a bit of a trend right now, and it's nice to see it done in a slightly different way to what is seemingly fashionable. 

Get lost in Marc's illustrations on his website and further reading on his upcoming projects on his tumblr. Have a good Saturday!


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