Kevin Wada

(Cross posting from the facebook page as promised)

I couldn't do it today guys. I couldn't pick out of the illustrators I had saved up for you. Sooo I fell back on an old favourite; Kevin Wada. If you don't know who Kevin Wada is get ready to fall in love.

Kevin first came to my attention because of all the big superhero franchises X-men is my favourite and Kevin is well known in certain circles for his portraits of the X-men in high fashion clothing. That just brings two of my very favourite things together and even better, he does it so so so well.

 He's also credited for bringing (rescuing) She-Hulk to the mainstream in a form that while still sexy, is strong, powerful and a believable character. Bringing comic books into the fashion realm is not something I see often, let alone done well and this is surely why Kevin has such a huge following now.

You gotta keep up with him, because he's the best over on tumblr and on his website, and who knows maybe he's already given your favourite comic book character (like Wonderwoman here) an unexpected but beautifully thought out update


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