Lizzy Stewart

I'm not too shy to tell you guys I'm kinda going through it at the minute. I have a lot to think about that doesn't make me all too happy, and one artist's work that has always helped me during these nasty little periods of time is Lizzy Stewart. 

I've followed Lizzy Stewart's work for a long time, I even met her at Pick Me Up one year. 

I was suitably awkward whilst fangirling over her zine about her travels in Iceland. 

Her work has a wonderfully quiet quality that lends itself to showing those introspective moments in everyday life that somehow, when you glimpse at them from the outside, they stand out. 

It means that the stories she's illustrating become relatable and despite their simplicity have real emotional depth. 

She has a (unfortunately no longer updated) blog called Solo that illustrates those quiet little memorable moments in her life that always makes me feel less alone, I really recommend a flip through it. 

She still updates her blog regularly and you should check out her website as she is really only going from strength to strength.


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