Ok so I LOVE the blog what i wore today an the adjoining flickr group. I used to do a lot of blogging involving outfit posts and I'm almost definately going to start doing it again in the near future (not over here though, probably over on tumblr) but when I noticed the incredibly talented illustrator gemma correll (click that link, seriously her website front page is sooo good)  was painting her outfit posts and had set up a blog for us to get involved I knew I wanted in. An the other day she picked my most recent outfit picture, hooray!

what i wore 12.2.11
If you aren't following me over on flickr already, click the picture an you can go do that!

I wish I could promise you that I will have more serious things to post but I'm currently working on the Macmillan project an I'm pretty sure I read somewhere we're not meant to post any of it online. SO you'll probably have my odd street fashion doodles/paintings that I like to do to wind down. Also over the weekend I plan on setting up a twitter and possibly a website, time permitting. So when I do get that up and running remember to follow me over there too.


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