Happy Halloween - Day 28 - James Jean

It's finally the Saturday where you will be heading out as an over-sexualised mouse, a kid from Stranger Things, a political pun, a zombie or (as Jillian Temaki suggested ) a sexy boiled egg. But if you really want to head into a true Halloween filled world you have come to the right place.

This is the work of the ever incredible legend that is James Jean. You want a sci-fi world on another planet full of robot workers, giant weapons and enough travelers on monsters to give Star Wars a run for its money? You got it.

You want a psychedelic drug scape complete with dripping monsters and no way out? You got it.
You want a haunted Japanese school where spirits peek through windows and push through the walls possessing school girls? You got it.

Need I go on? I told you I was saving the best and my favourites until last and they don't come better and spookier than James Jean. If you've got a spare hour between costume building I suggest a click through his MONOLITHIC body of work. 


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