Happy Halloween - Day 26 - Sloane Leong

Happy Thursday Halloween lovers. For today I'm sharing an artist I've been keeping up with for a few years who originally I didn't think would fit the bill for this month's postings but the more I delved into their work the more scary it got. In a good way.

Sloane Leong's work shows a world beyond ours. She seems to illustrate snippets of folklore and intertwines them with long lost stories to create strange and brilliant characters with infinite backstories.

Sloane's work often occupies an interesting space where there's a message and a feeling that makes you somewhat uncomfortable. Kind of like a David Lynch film. You're sort of completely lost and trying to make sense of what you're seeing because once you've grasped whatever it is she wants you to try to grasp, you'll be completely sucked in.

You can see more of her intriguing work on her website.


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