Happy Halloween - Day 31 - Natali Koromoto's Treehouse of Horror

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! You guys we did it! Cue your favourite 80s synth track (because the best horror is silly 80s horror) we’ve made it to Halloween! 31 creature features and I hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as I have.

For our final foray into the spook filled work of illustration I’m going back to the ever fantastic Natali Koromoto. Natali has done something that no one has ever managed to do. She has made me want to watch the Simpsons (yeah there’s your Halloween scare, I’m not big on the Simpsons…). 

As a -*nerd *- I LOVE references to films, music and tv programmes hidden away in the backgrounds of, well, each other. Recently I’ve loved listing off the movie references packed into Stranger Things (yes I’ve watched it all already, I can’t believe you haven’t yet). It’s like fan art, incredibly geeky fan art. And when fan art is done well it is just another level of “aaaah how did they come up with that?!!” and Natali ,every year, for the past four years has taken on The Simpsons (I give in) utterly brilliant and, sometimes a wee bit scary, Treehouse of Horror special episodes.

There are so many tiny details packed into every corner of these illustrations that I don’t even care that I haven’t seen the specific episode they are referencing. Tiny creatures peek out of corners of rooms, prints on household objects somehow throw back to something so vague but so on the money, scenes unfold not only around the character but outside through their bedroom windows!

Natalie has added her stylish girls to her cool and approachable style and thrown them head first into her favourite part of Halloween. The effect is a little bit spooky and just so much fun. Just like Halloween should be. Keep up with her ever awesome work here and HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 


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