Happy Halloween - Day 29 - Martin Wittfooth

Erggh good evening Halloween fans. I wish I could tell you to take that "erggh" as a spooky opening noise but that erghh is more because I feel like a zombie. I love Halloween y'all but I hit my peak at about 1am last night. So let's ease on in to this post shall we?

Martin Wittfooth is yet another brilliant talent to come out of Toronto. Seriously guys, what is in the water over there? Martin's pieces centre on creatures and the places they govern. Those places though seem to be what were once ours. These animals at first are strange and otherworldy. Goat's horns drip with blood while conquering their usual predators, dead animals sprout huge bouquets of flowers making their death into something beautiful, and monkeys ride huge flaming elephants through the streets of cities.

This work somehow goes through the fantastical and comes out as scary. However not scary in the way I have been sharing with you guys. Martin's work wants to push the message through to you that this once was the world of animals and the natural world and we should be careful about where we are heading into now. So there's your scare for the day. The scare that we are killing these magical beings. 

This got way too heavy for my hangover, but hey remember to compost those pumpkins and check out more of Martin's world with a warning on his website.


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