Happy Halloween - Day 27 - Tina Lugo

It's the final Friday of October so it's time for something suitably disturbing. I toyed with whether to share this artist with you for quite some time, not because this space needs to be kept particularly PG13 but the work of Tina Lugo is a little confronting to scroll through on a Friday afternoon, so I've deliberately chosen some of her work that doesn't have quite so much dismembered penis in.

Genitals aside Tina's work is still horrific in the best possible way. Featuring nightmarish bed fellows that resemble demons, severed limbs everywhere, faceless pretty girls, haunting titles and this is just the beginning! Tina pulls her influences heavily from Ero Guru Nansensu movement; a very particular kind of Japanese art that focuses on the erotic, meeting the grotesque, culminating in the bizarre (or nansensu ie nonsense).

That degree of nonsense feels important. Halloween definitely can be both sexy and scary (and sometimes that's the coolest costume going) but it's good to remember that it's all in good fun to stop it becoming overwhelmingly confronting. Tina plays with that line with impeccable skill. 

Once you're home safe tonight (and away from work place computers) perhaps chance a scroll through her website but maybe check under your bed and err under the covers first.


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