Artist Feature: Minnie Small

Errrrrr happy new year readers! I'm a slow starter (evidently). When I start a new job, it takes me a couple of months to find my feet. When I start planning a drawing it takes a couple of goes to get it looking quite right, but once I'm there I'M READY. And whilst I had high hopes and a plan for posts in December they were ill-fated and badly planned for what turned out to be a frighteningly busy month. 

Unfortunately, I am often one of those people who waits for inspiration to hit them, not the greatest personality trait, I was not born to be a go getter when it comes to blogging but err in my usual way I got lucky.. in a somewhat surprising place. YouTube is my timesuck, I love a good vlog, and recently it came to my attention that a lot of illustrators enjoy vlogging the production of their latest pieces and their days in the studio. 

So recently I queued up my favourites and a lady named Minnie Small popped up in my suggested. In my usual faffing around the house I suddenly heard the words "Haunted House zine" and that was all I needed to know she would be my first blog in 2018. 

While she is brilliantly talented when it comes putting together these spooky little houses (of which made up her Inktober last year) they reeked of someone who also loves a good bit of reportage work. And you know who else loves reportage? ME THAT'S WHO. 

And wouldn't you just know it, Minnie's illustrations of her travels are just my favourite kind of sketchbook page. 

You can explore more of her work on her lovely website here but you should go to her YouTube, because in my opinion, that's where the magic is.


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