Happy Halloween - Day 30 - Angela Deane

Good evening loyal ghouls and gals we are nearly there! Thank you for sticking with me through this both dark and brilliant journey and it's not quite over yet.

I've been hanging on to my favourites to bring in Halloween properly, and truly, I can't think of anyone better to share as we head into All Hallows Eve than the ghosts of Angela Deane.

Angela has said that using her ghosts she is exploring human memory, in how strange and how fleeting it is, but also in the way that these photographs are someone's memory but to us they are just ghosts, figuratively and now literally. There is a belief that time can record itself into walls and battlefields and the ghosts we see there are simply time repeating itself. These altered photos seem stuck between a loving memory and a simple moment in time caught on film.

It would be easy for these altered found photographs to become morbid after Angela's treatment but her tenderness for the subject shines through. Her ghosts have families and go on outings to Disneyland. They may be stuck in that specific moment but Angela is going to make sure it's a good one.

This body of work is HUGE so I hope this little collection of spirits has peaked your interest enough to take a look through Angela's incredible body of work. She has even started giving witches the ghost treatment, so I've included one of those here, because honestly how could I not?👻


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