Ugly Bug...Haul?

Had me some fun in London the other day! Not only did I go to a beautiful pub that reminded of Portland (oh how I miss Portland), but I also needed to do a major refill of a lot of art supplies. I feel like I constantly need sketchbooks (this is perhaps not true and I have an addiction. I hear a lot of illustrators suffer from this...) Of course I do this a few days before I find out Cass Art was having some sort of sale event..such is life.
I still need a long metal ruler but with travel plans as they are I might need to just get small one.

The one I use is bizarre, it belonged to my stepdad and has strange dents in it....Anyway, here's a little secret if you use a lot of thin sugar type paper for collage work like I do. You can go to a proper art shop and pay upwards of 20 quid for a pack or buy it all separately  which I do for certain colours, or you can buy a pack of it from Muji (you need to imagine a little heavenly choir singing when the word Muji is mentioned) for not very much money at all! I fell out recently with my closest art store due to the ridiculous price of a pack of thin coloured papers so I thought I'd share my little bit of knowledge! 

You may have noticed this little guy nestled among my supplies. He/She was my Valentine's day present from my boyfriend. You can say that's weird and not romantic but this little lovebug fits in perfectly with the rest of my funny little collection and even better, is travel sized ; ). 


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