Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More from the Passage

Just a few more from Camden Passage.
For more info on each of the drawings just click them an it'll take you through to flickr where i've talked about them a little more.
mammoth bone
that's a mammoth bone at the front there. It took all my strength not to run away with it and add it to my steadily growing collection of strange animal things. ( i should post a picture!)
Chris Tapsell
this is a background an will have two men talking collaged in front of it
danny oh
love those dogs!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Final Major Project

Well it's getting to the end of my time at uni which means Final Major Projects. I have done quite a few drawings, it's easy to get your teeth into something when you enjoy the subject matter, plus now the sun's out drawing the pub an the shop fronts sat on the pavement is really pleasent. These are the ones I've got scanned in but hopefully I'll have time to scan in the rest of the ones i've got finished before I head back to Salamanca next week. Hope you like them, I'm feeling pretty pleased for once!
Camden Passage

mike weedon