little photo dump

hmm this image is supposed to be big oh's about sex dreams , my illustrations are talking to eachother. Also it's been years since i considered fashion illustration but i'm liking it again. soo i finally buckled an bought samplers. Since then my nan's portrait has come on alot more, soo much easier than the rickety home made thing i was using. Annoyingly i went to craft world an bought loadsa crossstitch material an there's a second hand craft sale in my village tomorrow...still gunna go!
the houses are also coming along nicely.I moved on the buildings we forget about in this little blob of country village, this is the old mansion that's being rebuilt in nasty red brick
this is my favourite so far. the abandoned barn in the woods.
in my previous little blog i was talkin about the fash blogger i drew-this is one of the two i did of tavi.


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