Monday, 30 August 2010

Baking and Drawing

So the summer project is coming along.

Think I might do one more.

also finally got off my arse and made up the boyfriend's little zine.

Baking really is a good way to procrastinate....

My mother an I used to bake these back when it was just us two.

Old Barn

I like to go and visit this old barn when I go home. It's hidden in the woods an I thought it had been forgotten about.
But the beams have been removed now and now there's so much standing water that it stinks.

But I still love the strange derelictness of it alone in the woods.
I wonder how much of it will be left in the end.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

draw goddamit draw!

ergh motivation was at a peak an now it's gone gone gone. I have gotten alot of work done though. These are some of the pictures from the summer project based on my favourite pieces of my collections

don't really understand why that last one is paler.
I'm house sitting for my parents while they are in Scotland and I took the oppurtunity of having a big clean kitchen to learn to bake cookies.I have very little cooking ability normally but I wanted to learn.

don't most people wear a bowtie when baking?

proof that I did indeed make them myself an didn't just buy some wobbly ones from the bakery on the high street.

really pleased with my efforts. Next time i'll make them smaller as they spread a bit more than I realised they would.

one of the big ones became this immense ice cream sandwich. I felt so sick though after licking the bowl an this monster!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Trindade not Trinidad

So the next stop on our travels was a tiny high up jungly spot called Trindade, a little way along from Paraty (the southern coast of Brasil). It fealt like being on a tropical island.
We were told on Trindade that we must go and see the natural pool. It's an area on the beach sheltered by large stones which means there aren't really any waves and it's very calm.

It was beautiful but absolutely packed. Also nothing against brazilians, but man they wear skimpy bikini bottoms. I'll stick to my high waisted 50s style one thank you!

I found a rock shaped like a canoe and set up camp. I basically read Middlesex and sunbathed for an hour or so, i'm not the biggest fan of the sea :/

Bob did get me in the sea but he's a bit more enthusiastic than me (in general really.)

I really liked this big rock and how it was just out there on its own like that. If I had been braver I would have swum out to it. Ah coulda woulda shoulda!

Our hostel was owned by a lovely couple but yes it was a bit ramshackle. I did enjoy Brasil but nothing could ever compare to our next stop, Argentina.

But now back home in the countryside, things are a little boring but by choosing to stay here instead of London I'm saving money and the travelling really drained my account. I'm just sitting around panicking about my dissertation and procrastinating by drawing lots. I went into London an retrieved my scanner I should have some new drawings to come.

I got a tripod for a fiver that's actually not too bad so in the next few weeks I want to go to my parent's allotment and learn the ins and outs.

I also like going to see the donkies that live in the field next to the allotment. They might be fun to sketch on a hot day.

When Bob an I get our own place next year I have a list of flowers I want to grow. Red sunflowers are definately up there.
an we will live here!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Getting on with getting on

So while I have a fairly quiet couple of months or so ahead of me i've done quite a bit recently.

My mother took me to the summer exhibition as well as to Dennis Sever's House near Spitalfields.
I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside but it is crazy. It hosts rooms from the 1700s and shows where a wealthy woman lived in the middle two floors, where the cook lived in the bottom floor and where the poor weavers lived on the top floor. It's only open two days a month for two hours. It's nothing like a museum, nothing is under glass but you are expected to respect the house and not touch anything. It's as if the people who have lived there have just left the room. It even smells authentic.
The summer exhibition was good as usual. Not as striking as it was a couple of years ago but the prints were strong this year.I very nearly bought an artist's book that was going for £40.
We then went to Richoux, this amazing little place near the Royal Academy.

On the work front I gave in and bought a moleskine. I was boycotting them because the paper didn't seem worth the price but this one does indeed have lovely paper.

And I've also got cracking on the summer project set by uni.

finally printed up some zines that i've been working on. There's a mini one called "Make Love to Me Now" and a larger one inspired by the animals of Argentina called "The Tribe and the Tourist"

These are a few of my favourite bits from "The Tribe and the Tourist", now i just need somewhere to sell them.
also working on a teeny weeny zine for the boyfriend while he's away in Chile.

I'm still really loving being at home.
These were outside one of the schools.
i love their wierd faces.
I'm definately going to eat lunch in the middle of that bunch of trees before summer ends.