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So while I have a fairly quiet couple of months or so ahead of me i've done quite a bit recently.

My mother took me to the summer exhibition as well as to Dennis Sever's House near Spitalfields.
I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside but it is crazy. It hosts rooms from the 1700s and shows where a wealthy woman lived in the middle two floors, where the cook lived in the bottom floor and where the poor weavers lived on the top floor. It's only open two days a month for two hours. It's nothing like a museum, nothing is under glass but you are expected to respect the house and not touch anything. It's as if the people who have lived there have just left the room. It even smells authentic.
The summer exhibition was good as usual. Not as striking as it was a couple of years ago but the prints were strong this year.I very nearly bought an artist's book that was going for £40.
We then went to Richoux, this amazing little place near the Royal Academy.

On the work front I gave in and bought a moleskine. I was boycotting them because the paper didn't seem worth the price but this one does indeed have lovely paper.

And I've also got cracking on the summer project set by uni.

finally printed up some zines that i've been working on. There's a mini one called "Make Love to Me Now" and a larger one inspired by the animals of Argentina called "The Tribe and the Tourist"

These are a few of my favourite bits from "The Tribe and the Tourist", now i just need somewhere to sell them.
also working on a teeny weeny zine for the boyfriend while he's away in Chile.

I'm still really loving being at home.
These were outside one of the schools.
i love their wierd faces.
I'm definately going to eat lunch in the middle of that bunch of trees before summer ends.


  1. fint bilder becky (im pretty sure that means nice pictures) i like these i reallly want to try macarons everytime i see you post something about them i go omnomnom i wonder if i can find a place here that does them!

    miss you xxxx

  2. I love the drawings you've done of dead things, for some reason the strokes are more confident than when you draw live things like people etc.
    And yay zines! Even though I'm not sure what they are, except that they're self made drawing mini magazine of some sort? (our college never taught us anything current, just traditional stuff like oil painting!)

  3. haha tammy you pretty much knocked the nail on the head there with your explanation of zines. They tend to revolve around one obsession, or a series of something similar (what i did today)be made of fairly simple drawings and aren't really made for any sort of profit.

  4. Your illustrations are wonderful. If you find a place to sell them,tell me the place and I would totally buy one.


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