draw goddamit draw!

ergh motivation was at a peak an now it's gone gone gone. I have gotten alot of work done though. These are some of the pictures from the summer project based on my favourite pieces of my collections

don't really understand why that last one is paler.
I'm house sitting for my parents while they are in Scotland and I took the oppurtunity of having a big clean kitchen to learn to bake cookies.I have very little cooking ability normally but I wanted to learn.

don't most people wear a bowtie when baking?

proof that I did indeed make them myself an didn't just buy some wobbly ones from the bakery on the high street.

really pleased with my efforts. Next time i'll make them smaller as they spread a bit more than I realised they would.

one of the big ones became this immense ice cream sandwich. I felt so sick though after licking the bowl an this monster!


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