Continuing the Commute

So between quitting my old job and grabbing a new one (which I like a fair bit more than the last) I've been scratching away in my lovely little watercolour sketchbook. However I only just realised that I've actually been drawing scenes featuring the tube (that aren't sketches of other commuters) on my commute.
fuck you tuesday

It has taught me to get myself out of bed in the morning...

forever sleepy
....but I'm always tired...I'm sure my body will get into the swing of things soon though.

halloween train
I quickly scribbled this little scene on my tube journey home late yesterday evening. Was really funny seeing the commuters in their smart suits next to the kids in their costumes. I saw some amazing ones this year including a very accurate Mad Hatter (Tim Burton version) and one of the creatures from Avatar (in a full body sock dyed the right colour an sewn together, very impressive!)
Happy Halloween!


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