American Dream

Even though I'm in Singapore right now it wasn't long ago that I got back from my major trip across the United States and down into Costa Rica. I'd like to share with you some images I took with my 1970s Halina camera. These are what I think are the best of the two rolls I got developed. This actually takes me up to one of the last states I visited so the final roll of film I reckon must be full of  Oregon, Washington and Costa Rica. Stay tuned for those.

Possibly a voodoo grave in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans was as beautiful as it was fascinating

Daniel Johnston's famous frog, Austin, Texas.

Monument Valley, Arizona

Ridiculous Vegas, Nevada.

LA, California. One of my favourites of the bunch.

At the Strange Magic exhibition of Tavi Gevinson and Petra Collins

Yosemite National Park, California. 


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