Artist Feature - Dilraj Mann

 I wanted to come back with a bang and for a teeny bit of time I have some precious time so that time is now dedicated to you lovely readers. Today I give you Dilraj Mann. There's not too much online about Dilraj's background but what I can tell you is that they live and seem to thrive in Dalston in East London. Dilraj's illustrations positively reek of the Dalston strip. 
That crush at 3am as places start closing, that horrible tired electricity of deciding between heading home (from that corner of East that is so horribly not connected to home) or finding somewhere that will squeeze you all in for another hour. 

He has managed to pick out those cool girls I see in passing on those nights out, those girls who effortlessly sling on tight jeans and giant earrings and boss their overground commute, those east London girls with all that confidence I could only dream of. I like looking at that those girls and now Dilraj has made it possible for me to do so without looking like a complete creeper.

Dilraj's depictions of women's features have come under scrutiny however if Dilraj knows Dalston as well as he is putting out there he is completely aware of the controversy he might cause and it is all for impact and appreciation. 

Also I'm throwing this one out there for the girlz with the dangerous curvez (no you've been watching too much Rupaul's Drag Race) it's nice sometimes to have a change from the sylphlike ingenues every once in a while and see well..what more women really look like. Dilraj isn't scared of taking his inspirations from these strong, fashionable women, and with his illustrations neither am I now. 

He's not super duper active online but you can keep up with his releases on twitter and tumblr .


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