dam bloggers and their blogging

wow ok so i do have shiz to post but right now a short thing. So susie over on my favourite fash blog http://stylebubble.typepad.com just made this post about how it's vaguely creepy that people make fanart...an i just drew two pictures of the girl who owns my other favourite fash blog - http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/ an i was nervous enough about actually showing her. Tavi's alot younger than me but i think that makes her even cooler an thus just a tad intimidating...i'm not a creepy stalker i'm just enthusiastic :S also holy crap man i wanna make zines but i need some help....i need better paper but i don't think my printer will take thicker paper-..an i was hoping to make a zine of observational summery drawings for uni and another of skinny boys (i seem to draw alot) an try an sell it via my tumblr and flickr...but i need some advice!


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