finally finished the neighbourhood watch project

So i got the project about the houses around my village done, i also included people i saw around the buildings. Some i did from life an some i asked to photograph an then worked from the photos. I decided to post my favourites! Also we are supposed to illustrate the packaging in which we send things an this is the back of the envelope i sent the piece in. It's supposed to be me but the way i had the glasses made my nose look a whole lot longer than it really is haha!
this house was intriguing. We were showing my step-grandmother a house at the bottom of the heath an this house was opposite the little complex. It's very old an incredibly overgrown, it has white gates, balcony bannisters an window frames an they are all crumbling. The estate agent, a friend's dad, told me he's been inside an everything inside is all the same period features however the man has stuffed some rooms so full of newspapers you can't get inside. I'm desperate to see the man who lives there.


  1. Wow, you're really talented!!



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