Holborn's dead animals

wow my blog is so neglected. Here's some work done in the Huntarian Museum (an amazing place full of animals in jars, skeletons and medical strangeness-it's one of my favourite places in the world)

a woodpecker head and a skimmer's head

some sort of frogmouth

a sparrow with it's testicles revealed to show how large they get during the mating season

a mouse with its skin peeled back to show its nipples (i know i couldn't see them either) and a calf born with such extreme curvature to its spine that its head is inside its stomach.

and my favourite-a baby pangolin (spiny anteater)
also had to draw something else to do with Holborn so i chose here

i believe this place is a japanese tailoring and shoe shop now. It's always bloody closed.


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