procrastination situation

i have a bit of a badge situation going on

large cushiony badge from Mel Stringer, the little red one is also from here but he's coming to pieces as he's lived on several blazers and bags for i think 2 years now. The other little girl comes from Dannybrito ( who sent me it with one of his zines a while ago .

Listening… just like honey- Jesus and Mary Chain

Reading… Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier, it belonged to my grandmother and it smells like her and Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides

Watching… my creative centrale for my Creative Zen struggle to locate songs

Buying…a good new swim suit and a dress for the boyfriend's mum's birthday party.

Wanting… acne or jeffrey campbell shoes, the perfect romper, and to go to the Sketchbook pop up shop to see Susie Bubble (i'm however leaving london when it starts ¬¬)

Trying… to get as much of my Dead London project done before I leave for Singapore, be organised an have a proper timetable and not feel guilty about not going to uni this morning.

Loving… that spring is trying to burst through the grey and wearing shorts again without having to wear leggings, tights and three pairs of socks on!

Planning…to print my new heads project onto tote bags tomorrow, go to the Grant Museum to draw more animals and brave drawing in the Natural History Museum on sunday.

Making… hopefully a good lot of drawings and as always, a mess

Writing… .lists...i should say my essay but eeeergh

Cooking… yesterday i marinated some salmon an then cooked it with noodles and courgettes, i was very pleased with my efforts considering i dislike cooking and i made the marinade myself.

Inspired by… girls who look good in chinos, humidity, educational macabre and coconut water from actual coconuts (i could buy about 3 young coconuts for the price of the coconut water here, god i can't wait for sinigapore)


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