wait a minute mr postman!

aah i love post. I got a lovely thick zine from the fantastic Mel Stringer (http://melstringer.blogspot.com/) i've loved her work longer than most i can tell ya! I think i bought my first original piece from her when i was 17-18. I also have a few little zines from her and a little fabric badge. Now i have another one, which is good as my other one is falling apart now (i wear it alot) and some stickers!
also yaaay new bag. I love you new Mr Bag. You are perfectly canvassy for beaches and hot weather, but brown enough to satisfy my want for a satchel (which i'm sure will be seen to when i hit singapore in a week or so) you also only cost 66pence. Which makes me very happy (an understanding in that you are indeed very very fake an have a bit of a hole in your bottom)


  1. That fabricy badge is tres pretty! and i want that bag!! :(


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