what i do with my weeks off!

(that's not me btw, that's my other strange dead animal fascinated roomate)

if you couldn't tell from my current header i really like things that are a little macabre. I love the Huntarian but i also recently discovered the Grant Museum, which is in the Zoology Wing of UCL. It was nice to go into such a large an old looking uni. I love Middlesex but the building is far from impressive. Anyways,  unlike the Huntarian, they allow you to take photos without a flash, these are a few of my favourites.

crab in a shower cap!

(not sure if you can tell but my pictures all look sooo much better because I got a new camera for my 21st!a beeeautiful Canon 500d)

huge jar of moles???i'm kinda into moles at the min. I recently travelled around Catalonia an up in the Pyrenees we found this amazing display feauturing some spectacularly bad taxidermy

yeeah that's me.


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