jet lag

Something about being back home in the countryside makes me want to blog. I've just got back from a month and a half of travelling around South America with my boyfriend. Unfortunately i didn't get a whole lot of drawing done but that's because most of the time we were hiking, trekking, stumbling upon crazy animals or finding some of the best vintage shopping the world has to offer. So i'm gunna post a few pictures from each place I went to until i'm totally up to date, and blog normally at the same time, to get me back into the swing of blogspot.

Starting with some amazing graffiti i saw in Rio, definately illustration related!
i saw a few pieces by the guy on the right here
Rio definately wasn't my favourite place we visited but it was lovely on Copacabana beach. That day we fell asleep watching the big pterodactyl like frigate birds
and gazing at the sugar loaf.
We wandered fairly aimlessly around finding odd hidden treasures while trying to avoid the favelas. However this set of steps is by an artist who collects tiles in rare colours as well as ones featuring countries from all over the world,

He also wanted to bring attention to the authenticity and way of life of the favelas, that they are not crime filled, poverty stricken neighbourhoods, but a lifestyle that people define themselves by.

Pretty moving stuff. We also visited a national park known as Tijuca.

see the secret elephant with it's flowery eyes?We did this amazing hike, it was difficult for me, i love walking but hiking is a whole new kettle of fish, but i handled it. At the top we had to push through overgrown bushes and hanging trees until we found this incredible view of Rio. So scarily high up,

definately a moment i will remember for the rest of my life.
We sat and watched the big black dinosaur like vultures and this strange inflatable UFO drift by until it got chilly.
A few days later we headed to Paraty on the coast and I shall cover that in my next post!

In other news, ive been back nearly a week and it's very odd as I've lived with Robert for basically two years and now he's studying in Chile for 6 months. But it's ok, i've come home for a bit to get away from things, my mother's vegetable patch is looking amazing but i'm too early for the tomatoes unfortunately and these look like one of the best lots we've had.

The last few places we visited were approaching winter (or were in the Andes so in a perpetual winter) so its so good to be back in the beautiful british summer time.


  1. well becky i am very glad you are home safe and sound with some wonderful photos and no doubt exciting tales for our meeting on sunday :) love the picture of you and robert high up definitely one to be framed i think ;)

    also loving the look vair vair nice xxxx


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