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So on with the show. I'm trying to blog a little more prolofically. I follow an awful lot of blogs, i think i should really start commenting more and get more posted on my own and maybe actually participate instead of just gazing at other people's wonderful photos. Anyway carrying on in the vein of my last post i shall cover the second place we went to in Brazil-Paraty. Paraty is on the coast of Brazil and was truly beautiful.
like something out of an anthropologie advert.

I really liked this boat, you can just about see it says "el tigre" on it. My spanish is bad to non existant but i'm pretty sure i understand that.

these little birds were everywhere. We called them lemon marshmallow birds but we found out the are called Greater Kiskadees. Which is an exciting name for a bird but it's not got quite the same ring as lemon marshmallow bird.

We wandered down a little forest path and ended up on this beach. Just us and this one fisherman. It was quite a relief to have it all to ourselves as I had just accidentally stood on an ant's nest and looked down to see my entire foot and indeed shoe encased in ants. 

Robert discovered the continuous shot function on my camera, i like the ones where he is about to fall over best. I shall try and animate them all together at some point.
Paraty is very small, but even in the larger villages people still get around by horse and cart.

It also rained an awful lot. We were warned that in winter (yes this is winter) Paraty can flood. We didn't realise quite how much until we were sat in a restaurant watching the pavement next to it flood to the point that some ducks swam by and a heron flew down!

On one of the days there we got lost a long way from our hostel and on the spur of the moment decided to get the bus to the next beautiful village over called Trindade. And my next travelling post will be about that!

It rained alot that day as well...we also got caught out at high tide...never get the inside of doc martens wet!
so i'm back home with my parents. I did go back to london for a while and got my zine i started out in Argentina finished up. I've made up a few zines myself but when my cashflow is back to what it was I shall get a run of them printed. I'll post some pictures of that zoon to but im hesitant to post too much. Anyways i don't want to go back to london anytime soon. I have to go back on Friday but then I think i will come home.

I've miss the english countryside so much when I'm in London. I think after three years of the big city I'm about ready to let it go.

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straw hat-vintage (found at home)
shirt- present from my mother
skirt- per una
plimsols- victoria, kingly court
satchel-artesian market in Chile


  1. awww becky i love it all especially the pictures of you in the countryside love love love xxxxxxxxxxx


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