New Year, New Project

SO, getting all the travel posts done before Christmas...that happened...anyways! It's because I have been writing my dissertation which has yielded me some amazing illustrations such as this lovely veiny system.
I hope you all had a lovely christmas, I got some rather practical presents (I seem to be in the minority at my excitement over a long reach stapler). I started yet another project where I get to draw specimens. This one will become a little book based on all the things you can find in the Natural History Museum that fit in a matchbox. I think I have nearly all of them done. These are my favourites
green spider crab
water scorpion
big weevil
If you click the image it will take you to my flickr where you can see more of this project as it develops.
There will hopefully be a drypoint goldfinch egg on the front of the book as this was the smallest (not a rock or a crystal of some sort) thing I came accross when I was there.


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