Thought it might be kind of nice to do a quick follow up of that previous post showing how I display my own little scrap of Maier. I peg things above my desk and they join a rotation of things that I move around the strings and things that get put into the scrapbook or moved to another part of the room.
In it's full glory. It has been a bit more colourful in the past but I recently did a reshuffle in a spring cleaning fit. There's cutouts from a paper my roomate brought back from Rough Trade, zines an originals from my illustration penpal Kelly. A vintage bunny postcard from Chile, letters from the boyfriend while he was travelling, a leaf from Chile, a bag from the best chocolate shop I've ever been to from Bariloche, Argentina. A print from a zine fair (I've lost the card of the artist : x if you recognise that little eskimo on the far right let me know!),badges and art work from Mel Stringer, plane tickets to Spain, a photograph of my grandmother in the WAF, and glittery reindeer heads from where I used to work.
It might be quiet around here for a week or so but I should hopefully have some nice sketchbook pages to share (from hopefully sunny Salamanca, Spain!) when I get back.


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