Vivian Maier

I got a few more followers! Thank you! Well the illustrator Dan Haskett came to speak to us at uni about a week ago. His illustration really blew me away, I had seen it before but I must have not taken in his name.
Love illustrators who put sketchbook pages up on their websites.
This book was my favourite of the pieces he showed us.
(photos via )
He also showed us some photographs by Vivian Maier. A few months ago my mother offloaded her usual stack of Sunday Times supplements on me for my scrapbook an collages and I came accross the most beautiful set of black and white photographs. I don't know much about photography but I desperately want to learn. These photos were taken by Vivian Maier and her story is incredible. Vivian was a nanny on the North Side in Chicago, she took photos from the 1950s through to the 1970s. John Maloof bought 100,000 negatives, prints and undeveloped rolls of film from an auction house when researching a history book. From what I have read she was never known as a photographer but my word she was incredibly talented. John Maloof attempted to track her down but she died only days after he started to inquire about her.

(photos via John Maloof's blog )


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