Little Tenenbaums

little tanenbaums
(as always click the picture to go to my flickr, I actually update that properly, with less rambling, hooray!)
So on my way back from Iceland I watched The Darjeeling Limited. I somehow managed to forget how much I love Wes Anderson films. I'm pretty desperate to give myself some huge project collaging key scenes from it (key scenes/bits i like/bits i reckon i might be able to collage). The problem currently is that The Darjeeling Limited is so highly patterned and it has recently come to my attention that my paper supplies are running so is my bank account. Oh dear. But i shall persevere! Probably by just spending what little money I have or trying to photoshop my left over papers to how I need them. In the mean time i shall do watercolours on crap paper (why did i do that?) late at night of Royal Tenenbaum characters. Expect more of Chaz, he's my favourite.


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