in grain or shine

So i'm hoping to not let things clog up and get slow. My life plan just had a major knock so now i'm unsure of what direction to go in. I was going to go back to london all guns blazing but now i find myself without roomate and without much of a want to get a job an indeed a lack of inspiration. Thinking of going abroad and doing some sort of volunteer scheme. Truth be told even though I hated the cold I really did love Iceland and it did make me want to draw. I took my new old Halina out for another learning experience in film and these are the best ones of the first roll (i'm still in the process of finishing the second roll here in Singapore).
reykjavik harbour




figure it out



Might be an idea to go back for a longer period of time to clear my head, just wish it wasn't so expensive!


  1. there's something eerie and magical about these photos :) i felt like im in a dream while looking at each


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