I've wanted to blog about my trip to the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore for a while now. I was really blown away by it. I can't believe I'd never heard of it before considering I get out there every year.
I LOVE how toys from Japan an China were so colourful!
The Mint Museum is a collection of over 3000 toys from all over the world dating from the mid 19th century up to today.
I totally fell for the patterns that featured on a lot of the older toys from more eastern reaches of the world.
There were a few odd things in there!
This panda's face had me laughing to the point where I think I probably embarrassed my dad.
There were a few recognisable bits around (why is there no Star Wars jewellery?)
Loads of astroboy stuff,
Including this massive statue as you came into the museum (taken with my old film camera). I really want to get into Astroboy more. I love the way he's drawn, it seems so cheerful but it's such a sad story too!

It was really fascinating to see how culturally ambiguous alot of toys have become nowadays. Back then they were produced, of course for a mass market, but took on more characteristics from the culture from which they came from and were less interested in appearing "western".
I'm always a sucker for a creepy toy....
The toys are owned and collected by Chang Yang Fa, there's not much about him online, an there isn't much about him in the museum either. But I'm greatful he's decided to share just a fraction of his collection with the public!


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