from hot to cold

I promised I would share more of my favourites from my last roll of film from Iceland and Singapore. I then realised I'd somehow forgotten to upload them. So, now I've remedied that! (as always click on the picture to take you to flickr to see them in slightly better quality)
up a hill in little  Grindavík on the longest day in summer on our way to the Blue Lagoon.
A creepy house out on its own overlooking the sea in Ísafjörður.
big fish
A picture of pretty much all that goes on on beautiful little Flateyri.
Onto hazy Singapore.
look up
The ever present blocks of apartments.

Little One
Now an again in Singapore you'll stumble accross something that's a little older and a little more traditional.
high rise
The view from the 57th floor of the Singapore Sky Lounge.the colours
This last one I snapped quickly from the taxi window stuck in a traffic jam.


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