Practice Piece

WOW how did I manage to forget to update my blog for so long! I do apologise. It's not for lack of drawing I assure you! I've recently been trying to improve on my watercolour technique as while I love collage I can't really carry all my bits of paper around with me, but my little paint box fits right inside my pocket. As always click through for a better view over on flickr.

baby tapir
(inspired by a few bits and pieces I've found over on my tumblr)

cold countryside

I've been missing the countryside back home a lot recently, I want to find a way to encorporate it more into my pieces.

the thank you bird
And this little guy is just to say thank you to you guys for sticking with me despite my awkward updates. I've been drawing an awful lot recently on my commute (some of which I'll be scanning in today) and I'm going to force myself to draw even more so I have even more to share with you guys.


  1. Tapirs make me so happy inside. :)

    These are lovely illustrations! You use a really distinctive, appealing colour palette. :D

    1. aww thank you jane! I used to be rubbish with colours so it means a lot to hear that i've improved! now i just gotta work on this lack of background problem...


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