Commute and Commit

a good hat

I'm not going to lie, I worry about this pursuit. My want to travel (and needing to make the funds for that) and my general life plans often don't fit with attempting to become solely an illustrator and it makes me wonder if it's what I want. I don't know how to make it all fit together (I sure as heck can't make rent on a part time job and a novice illustrator's salary) but I know I love to draw and I draw every single day. So I'm going to commit myself to sharing those drawings with you as often as I can, to help me get rid of my doubts and because I think they're pretty good sometimes and you might like them  (and maybe even want to buy them if I ever get round to making new zines and prints up ; ) ). So here's my favourite from my sketchbook I keep specially for people on the tube. She's rather different to my little watercolour nomads, so I hope you like her (and expect more ) xx


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