Pick Me Up

A week or so back (I honestly can't remember) on a rare day when I finished work early and the sun was out I eagerly headed to Pick Me Up. I actually forgot my camera (because I'm so incredibly smart) which was made even more irritating than it would be normally because not only were there so many artists there that I really admire but also so many that were new to me. I thought I'd share a piece or two by some of the artists I noted down that were new to me, with styles rather different to my own but that I really liked. 

Tim McDonagh, somehow Tim has passed me by despite being fairly well known but this piece totally grabbed me. I'm always up for a child tribe theme!
David Sparshott , all of the pieces I saw at the exhibition and indeed on his website remind me of travel sketchbooks. Things caught quickly on the go and coloured in quick so you can grab on to the memory and make more of it later. 


I don't even have words for how much I love this guy's work. The atmosphere in them reminds me a little of Dan Clowes work in that it seems to have an air of sadness about it. Definitely a new favourite.

Pablo Delgado, I haven't looked at wheat pastes and indeed graffiti for a long time so it was nice to see it again dispersed with all the more standard illustration. I liked how these guys were so small and you could just stumble across them.

 The spoils! I also bought the new Varoom! but it's nestled in one of my bags somewhere. That Lizzy Stewert zine is a dream, it was so nice to see her work in real life. It was also a real dream come true to see Yoko Furusho's work. She's been one of my absolute favourites for the past couple of years now. I bought the one of her prints I could actually afford which hopefully will be coming through my door soon as well as this beautiful book.

Such a rush to finally own a piece of her work. New paintings coming soon, (like me on facebook for progress pictures! )I'm taking my time with them xxx


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